California Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure Statement

Posted on June 7, 2012 · Posted in Statements

WinCo Foods and all businesses operating in California, that have $100,000,000 or more in annual worldwide gross receipts, are now required by the referenced California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (the “Act”) to disclose the efforts they take to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains. Consistent with that obligation and as a part of its ongoing relationship with our manufacturers and brokers (“providers”), WinCo Foods now requires that all companies in our supply chain agree not to use any form of forced, indentured, bonded or prison labor and that they agree that they will not use any slave labor or permit any human trafficking in their supply chains.

Further, all subcontractors used by our providers to manufacture, or to provide materials or services which are used in the manufacturing or production of, merchandise sold to WinCo Foods must comply with all applicable terms of any WinCo Foods’ agreement with their company and with the provisions referenced in this letter. Our provider’s company is responsible for ensuring their subcontractors’ compliance.

WinCo Foods reserves the right to audit, or have an authorized third party audit, facilities used to manufacture, process or distribute merchandise sold to WinCo Foods to ensure compliance with applicable terms of any WinCo Foods’ agreement(s) with our provider’s company and to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act. Audits may include any facilities used by their company or their subcontractors. The audit may occur with or without advance notice. The audit shall be conducted at our provider’s sole cost and expense.

Upon review of any unsatisfactory audit results, our provider’s company must take immediate corrective action in order to attain compliance. However, if violations of the Act are indicated, WinCo Foods reserves the right to terminate its relationship with their company, terminate any purchase order and/or return or revoke acceptance of affected merchandise at any time – notwithstanding any other terms of existing agreements between our companies.