Land O’Lakes® Half Sticks

Posted on June 18, 2014 · Posted in New at WinCo
Find Land O’Lakes® Half Sticks at WinCo Foods

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New at WinCo Foods
Land O’Lakes® Half Stick Butter

Land O’Lakes® Half Sticks keep your butter tasting fresher longer because they are in a convenient, individually-wrapped half stick size. “Only Land O’Lakes® offers my butter in Half Sticks. Having the sticks in the size I need for my cooking and baking recipes keeps my butter tasting fresher longer since I don’t have to cut and re-wrap full sticks of butter. Plus, pre-measured sticks make my prep in the kitchen easier.”

  • Conveniently Wrapped, Half Stick Size
  • Pre-measured, Great for Baking & Cooking
  • Tastes Fresher, Longer

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Find it in the dairy section of your local, employee-owned store.

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