Kerrygold™ Butter

Posted on July 9, 2014 · Posted in New at WinCo
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New at WinCo Foods
Kerrygold™ Pure Irish Butter

The distinctive natural color and exceptionally creamy flavor distinguishes Kerrygold™ Pure Irish Butter and cheeses from other premium brands. Kerrygold™ dairy products are made exclusively from the milk of grass-fed cows that are free of growth hormones.

Unsalted Pure Irish Butter: A full flavored, unsalted, premium butter. Rich and creamy, excellent for baking and cooking.
• Use to make cookies where golden color, crisp texture and buttery flavor are desired
• Create delectably rich buttercreams and icings
• Cut and blend into flavorful pâte brisee, puff pastry, short dough, frangipane and brioche

Pure Irish Butter: A full flavored, sweet cream butter, imported from Ireland. A rich, creamy, natural taste. Excellent for baking or spreading on crusty bread for an indulgent treat.
• Serve as a butter for the table
• Melt a pat over baked potatoes
• Create classic butter sauces

  • Kerrygold™ Dairy products are entirely growth-hormone-free
  • Beta-carotene, nature’s own pigment from Ireland’s intensely green grass, gives Kerrygold™ dairy products distinctive golden color and flavor definition

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Find it in the Dairy section of your local, employee-owned store.

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