Bulk Foods: 2070 - CHOCOLATE M&M'S

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WinCo Bulk Bin 2070 - CHOCOLATE M&M'S  

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PLEASE NOTE: Nutritional & ingredient data is presented as provided by manufacturer, producer and/or broker - and displayed as entered in our records with no modifications or edits.

Nutrition Facts:

  • TOT. CAL:240
  • FAT CAL:90
  • TOT. FAT (G):10 DV: 15%
  • PROTEIN (G):2 DV: 4%
  • SAT. FAT (G):6 DV: 30%
  • CALCIUM (MG):40 DV: 4%
  • IRON (MG):0.4 DV: 2%
  • SODIUM(MG):30 DV: 1%
  • CARB (G):34 DV: 11%
  • FIBER (G):1 DV: 4%
  • SUGAR (G):30
  • TRANS FAT (G):0
  • CHOSTRL. (MG):5 DV: 2%

Bulk Item Ingredients:

CHOCOLATE M&M'S: Milk chocolate (sugar, chocolate, milk, cocoa butter, butter fat, dextrose, soylecithin (added as an emulsifier), salt, vanillin, sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, modified starch, resinous glaze, artficial colors, fd&c yellow #5, and artificial flavors. Manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts.