Coffee 101 Brew the perfect cup of coffee


cp-1We suggest 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of filtered water.

cp-2Adjust the ratio to your liking – it’s your coffee, make it the way you love it.

cp-3Grab your favorite mug, pour a cup, and enjoy your masterpiece. Ready to try a new roast? Visit our Red Brick™ Roasting Co. section to see what our local, employee-owned stores are carrying.

  • Filtered or bottled water provide optimal results. Why? Water makes up 98-99% of your cup! If your tap water has any off-flavors, aromas or sediment it will impact the flavor profile of your coffee
  • It is optimal to grind immediately before brewing, however, if using a store grinder, ‘drip’ or ‘auto drip’ are ideal settings for a home brewer. If grinding at home, a coarser grind will result in a weaker tasting coffee, and a finer grind will result in a stronger cup. Adjust to your liking.
  • Brewed coffee stays fresh for only 20 minutes when sitting on a warmer but will stay fresh 60-90 minutes in a thermal container.
  • To make Iced Coffee, brew at double strength, to accommodate the dilution from ice and/or milk. Brew using four tablespoons of coffee to six fluid ounces of water. Pour over ice. Add milk and sweetener to taste. Brewed concentrate will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.


Fresh is the key to great coffee today, tomorrow and next week. Keep your beans in an airtight container someplace cool and dry, but not in a freezer or fridge. Take care of your beans and every cup you brew will be as fabulous as the first.

    Additional tips:

  • Minimize coffees exposure to oxygen as oxygen causes coffee to stale quicker.
  • Once opened, if stored correctly as mentioned above, whole bean coffee will retain maximum freshness for two weeks and ground coffee one week.
  • Freezing your whole bean coffee may make it last longer, but it can also negatively affect the taste. Never store ground coffee beans in the freezer.


Your daily cup of coffee is a little gift you give yourself. And you deserve it. So we make sure you have only 100% Arabica beans that are handpicked, perfectly roasted and delivered fresh to you. Every cup of Red Brick™ Roasting Co. Coffee you pour will be a treat you enjoy down to the very last sip. GRAB A MUG, IT’S COFFEE TIME!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your flavored coffees have any added sugar?

A: No, the flavorings used in Red Brick™ Roasting Co. specialty flavored coffees contain no added sugars or sweeteners.

Q: Do your flavored and non-flavored coffees contain gluten?

A: No. Red Brick™ Roasting Co specialty flavored and non-flavored coffees are gluten-free.

Q: Are there any significant allergens in your coffees?

A: No. Red Brick™ Roasting Co. specialty flavored and non-flavored coffees do not contain any common allergens. Red Brick™ Roasting Co. recommends against the consumption of flavored coffee if you have any unusual or rare sensitivity.

Q: Do you carry any organic coffees?

A: Yes, Red Brick™ Roasting Co. has a selection of organic specialty coffees available in WinCo’s bulk section and in retail bags. Look for the organic call out and USDA Organic symbol.

Q: Are your coffees Kosher?

A: All Red Brick™ Roasting Co specialty coffees are Kosher certified.

Q: What is Arabica coffee?

A: Arabica species coffee is primarily grown at altitudes over 3,000 feet. Arabica beans have more flavor, aroma, and contain less caffeine than Robusta species beans.

Q: What is Robusta coffee?

A: Robusta species grow at lower elevations and produces an inferior bean lacking the fine flavor and aroma of Arabicas. Used as a basis for instant coffee blends and less expensive pre-ground commercial coffee.

Q: What is Peaberry Coffee?

A: “Peaberry” coffee beans are round in shape, instead of flattened. They are found as a small percentage of all coffee harvests, caused when one of the two normal coffee seeds fail to develop inside the fruit.

Q: What is a single origin coffee?

A: “Single Origin” is a descriptive term referring to a coffee variety with a single known geographical origin. Sometimes this is a single farm, or a specific collection of beans from a single country.

Q: What is a blend coffee?

A: “Blends” are two or more single origin coffee varieties blended together.

Q: Where is coffee grown?

A: South America, Central America, Asia and Africa are the four major coffee growing regions. Coffee is grown near the equator in areas that offer moderate sunshine and rain; rich porous soil; and temperatures around 70° Fahrenheit.


Exceptional beans are the result of ideal growing conditions, skill of the roasters and being a great environmental steward. Red Brick™ Roasting Co roaster takes all of this into account. We strive to be coffee with a conscience. We take an innovative approach at every point in the supply chain – from relationships with growers to materials sourcing to product distribution to waste recycling. And, at each point, we examine the challenges so we can make a difference. In our decisions, we are guided by our values. We seek balanced solutions socially, environmentally, and economically. Do more with less. And do it as a team.

All of the Red Brick™ Roasting Co specialty coffees are roasted in a LEED™ Silver-certified facility. LEED™ is a third-party verification WinCo’s coffee roaster meets the highest green building and performance measures, including:

  • The reduction of waste sent to landfills
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Reduced emissions
  • Overall environmental stewardship