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Imagine having your own farm where just steps from each other you could pick the sweetest fruits and enjoy the greenest greens…all at the lowest possible price. Well, imagine no more. WinCo Foods is proud to offer you an amazing selection of produce that is as fresh as if the orchard was right in your store. The produce that is eaten at your table is the very same that your farming neighbors and our trusted partners have grown and nurtured with love and care. Whether it comes from the very communities we call home, or from our friends in areas fit to grow the wide selection you love; our mission is to bring you the highest quality produce at the lowest possible price.
1. First you will need a sturdy, long knife.
2. Take your knife and cut off the top and bottom of the watermelon so it can sit on a baking pan without moving.
3. Now take your knife and cut long sections from top to bottom off the rind. Go around the whole watermelon and take all the rind off, then go back over it to take any white rind off you might have missed.
4. While your melon is still standing, make cuts from top to bottom to cut the melon into one inch slices.
5. Split it into two equal parts, and lay them down on a baking tray or cutting board. Now make one inch cuts all along the melon on both sides going horizontal. Then turn your knife and go the other way, this time making one inch vertical cuts. Now you are done…your whole melon is now cut into perfect 1 inch cubes.

Source: For more details, visit A Thrifty Mom

  • Cut the mango along the seed in the center.
  • Take the smaller portion that you cut off and find where the flesh meets the skin.
  • Align that part with the edge of the glass — and push!
  • Source: For an instructional video, visit Today Food
  • To ripen quickly, place bananas inside a paper bag, folding/wrapping the end so bag is closed.
  • Use your nose to find the best cantaloupe. Ripe cantaloupe will smell very sweet and will be your best pick.
  • Choose oranges that are firm and heavy for their size. The juiciest, sweetest oranges will have a sweet, clean fragrance.
  • To find the best watermelons, tap it with a flat, open hand. A deep and thick sound will give you the best chances at finding a ripe and sweet melon.
  • Choose cucumbers that have a good green color and are firm throughout. Good cucumbers usually have small bumps on the surface.

In Season, Summer 2015

  • Nectarines, Peaches, Plums
  • Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Honeydew
  • Red, Green, Black Grapes
  • Corn
  • Blueberries & Raspberries
  • Sweet Walla Walla Onions
  • Locally grown greens, radishes, summer squash, green peppers, cilantro, dill weed, pickling cucumbers