Low prices on GloryBee Wildflower Honey at WinCo Foods  

GloryBee Wildflower Honey

GloryBee's Wildflower Honey is sourced regionally from the lower Cascade Mountain range in the Pacific Northwest. It has a strong flavor that varies seasonally because of the flora that grows in the region throughout the year.

Find this is at the Liquid Center near the Bulk Bins, #2341, and purchase as much as you'd like to get that unique flavor in your next recipe!
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Why we like GloryBee Wildflower Honey

  • All natural
  • 100% pure
  • Contains more minerals than paler honeys
  • Dark, golden color
  • Brings unique flavor and aroma to recipes
  • Find it in the liquid bulk center of your local, employee-owned store.