Low prices on GUM® Kid’s Toothbrushes at WinCo Foods  

GUM® Kid’s Toothbrushes

GUM® Kids' Toothbrushes: Starting Healthy Oral Care habits early. GUM® Kids' products are designed to encourage healthy habits early, and are designed to meet the needs of your child from the time their first tooth appears.
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Why we like GUM® Kid’s Toothbrushes

  • Fun New Designs: Dragons™, Lalaloopsy™ & Power Rangers™
  • Dome Trim® bristle design has raised center bristles that have been trimmed to form a dome shape that provides greater contact with the tooth surface and reaches underneath the gum line.
  • Suction cup base holds the toothbrush upright, when not in use, which helps keep bristles clean and reduces clutter on the counter-top.
  • Find it in of your local, employee-owned store.