Blake’s All Natural Foods

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Blake’s All Natural Foods are natural, ‘comfort food’ using exclusively Blake’s Heiroloom family recipes. These made from scratch meals are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives and trans fats & use rBGH-free cheese & milk, as well as organic pasta, soy & corn.

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Blake’s All Natural Shepherd’s Pie
MADE JUST FOR YOU. LOVE, GRANDMA. Great Grandma Clara Blake¹s heirloom family recipes have been handed down for four generations. Just like Clara¹s original recipe, our Shepherd¹s Pie features lots of moist antibiotic-free, hormone-free ground beef and organic corn, then topped with freshly made mashed potatoes. For years we¹ve been making our Shepherd¹s Pie for our own family; now it only seems natural for us to be making them for yours.

Blake’s All Natural Chicken Pot Pie
TRUE COMFORT. EASY AS PIE. For us, nothing is more comforting than a Chicken Pot Pie enjoyed with friends and family. Our pies are made from scratch in small batches by wonderful happy people (not machines) and feature white meat chicken, garden vegetables, potatoes, our signature gravy, and a flaky pie crust. We hope you enjoy the care that goes into every meal. Home cooking has never been easier!

Blake’s All Natural Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie
GLUTEN-FREE COMFORT. EASY AS PIE. At last!! A truly authentic comfort food favorite prepared from scratch and Gluten Free and Milk Free!! Our Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie features white meat chicken, garden vegetables and a gluten free crust. Now everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of a made-from-scratch Blake¹s Chicken Pot Pie!

Blake’s All Natural Mac n Cheese
BAD DAY? JUST ADD CHEESE. We believe cheese can save the world. Add cheese to any bad day and it instantly becomes better. Our Farmhouse Macaroni & Cheese starts with the perfect blend of rBGH-free cheddar cheese and organic pasta, then we finish it off with a delicious breadcrumb topping. We¹ve been using this heirloom family recipe to feed our family for four generations and it always makes a good day even better. Enjoy!

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