Green Mountain Coffee®, Organic

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe K-CUP® pods 10ct, Light Roast
Grown on farms we’ve worked with for over 10 years, our Yirgacheffe has a sweet, floral aroma and delicate hints of spice. In the cup, you’ll experience clear notes of citrus and ginger together with crisp acidity for a coffee that is a cheerful escape from the everyday.

Founders Blend K-CUP® pods 10ct, Medium Roast
Since our start as a café and small batch roaster in Vermont, our dedication has always been to sharing the joy and honestly good cup of coffee. Featuring notes of floral citrus, crisp apples, and sweet caramel, our Founder’s Blend embodies the bright and welcoming spirit of our home state.

Sumatra Aceh K-CUP® pods 10ct, Dark Roast
In the northern Sumatran province of Aceh, growing coffee organically is not only a matter of doing what’s best for the environment, it’s part of the community’s heritage. With notes of dark chocolate and fresh fig, this full-bodied, deeply herbal coffee has a pleasant, lingering finish.

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