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Our Bakery Products

The balanced selection that our expert bakers have put together is meant to offer you the best pastries and baked goods around, all at the lowest possible prices. Whether baked in our ovens or in our friends’, you can be sure that every loaf you break, every cookie you bite and every cake you savor has been made with love, dedication and attention to detail; as if we were baking for our friends and loved ones, because we are.

These qualities extend throughout all of our offerings; including premium, artisan and classic breads; pies, cakes, cookies, rolls, brownies, croissants, granola, bagels and much more. “What about those donuts,” you ask? Maple bars, glazed, cake, filled, fritters, powdered…you name them, we have them; all of your favorites are here, ready and waiting for you.

But the quality doesn’t just stop there, it continues into special occasion cakes made just for you by our skilled bakery staff ready to create a masterpiece for your next celebration. Simply call or visit your nearest WinCo Bakery 24 hours ahead of your special event, our skilled bakery staff will take care of the rest.

One would think that all of the time and detail that goes into creating these quality baked items would be expensive; well it’s not for you, after all, we are WinCo Foods – The Supermarket Low Price Leader®

Hot out of the oven…

    Baked fresh every day at your local store:
  • French Bread
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Rolls

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